Monday, July 9, 2012

Tool #9

As I collaborate with my co-worker and fellow Social Studies teacher we searched the links and did not find very many of them to be that useful in our particular subject. However, we did determine that some of the things that she has used in the past will be very helpful in allowing the students to use technology inside and out of the classroom. One such idea was creating and using puzzles created on and requiring the students to post them to Google doc to be reviewed and commented on. Also using BrainPop quizzes as a warm-up for students is a way to allow them to use the Activ votes in the classroom. There are a couple of Ipad games that were are able to download that helps the students in History and Geography . the students will be allowed to go on and use these as they complete their work.

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  1. I know that you will be using technology alot this year in Social Studies. Another option is have the students post their completed projects in Edmodo for others to see. I did that last year and some students did comment on others projects.