Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 11

I just completed the assessment and to answer the questions I really enjoyed learning more about some of things that I will be using in my classroom this year. I will be using Edmodo more and blogs for and with my students.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tool #10

Some of the things that I want my students aware of when considering being a good digital citizen will be the safety of using digital equipment and technology, security issues and copyright issues as well as digital etiquette.

One of the resources I enjoyed was the video Digital Dossier as I will definitely show it to my students and hopes that it will give them a better understanding of what it means to be a good digital citizen.

I plan to do a project in class with my students where they will explain, using technology, what it means to be a good digital citizen. We hope to use Edmodo or flip cameras.

I will share information with parents and have the students show their parents what they have created as far as their good digital citizen project.

Tool #9

As I collaborate with my co-worker and fellow Social Studies teacher we searched the links and did not find very many of them to be that useful in our particular subject. However, we did determine that some of the things that she has used in the past will be very helpful in allowing the students to use technology inside and out of the classroom. One such idea was creating and using puzzles created on and requiring the students to post them to Google doc to be reviewed and commented on. Also using BrainPop quizzes as a warm-up for students is a way to allow them to use the Activ votes in the classroom. There are a couple of Ipad games that were are able to download that helps the students in History and Geography . the students will be allowed to go on and use these as they complete their work.

Tool #8

This past year I used the Dell computers in class as well as the Ipod touches on different projects. I learned what these devices were capable of and how they can be used to help make certain things in the classroom easier and a bit more interesting. Since recently receiving my iPad I have been able to work with it and figure out some of its functions and capabilities and am excited about incorporating it into the classroom for students to use. I plan to make sure students are aware of what we have available to us and make sure these devices are kept in a safe place. Students will have to check them out through me and return them I believe what we have at our disposal now will help students become better learners.

Tool #7

I am planning on creating and working collaboratively with Ms. Torres. Our classes will comment on each others projects and writing assignments through Edmodo and Google docs. I hope to get an idea of how students feel about others work and it will allow them to see how others feel about their work. In the future I will try and create a project with someone outside my teaching environment using edutopia.

Tool #6

I already have an Edmodo account and have used it in and out of the classroom. i plan to use it and icorporate it into my classroom more this year to work with students on various assignments and projects.

I will use today's meet and plan to use it and show students how to use this as I see it as a good way to incorporate conversation inside and outside the classroom.

Tool #5

Wordle is a good tool to use to get the students thinking and writing in a different and interesting way.

Power Point presentation

I created this power point presentation to help students understand and realize what bullying is and its affects.

I see these tools being used in our everyday classroom and students and teachers being able to create their own when necessary.